Mothercare voucher codes and mothercare discount codes can save you 100s of pounds when you have a new Baby. Lets also see how to save money with newborns.

8 Tips on how to make newborns affordable

1. Think ahead. Hard to do for first time parents but it really pays off. For e.g. when buying a pram consider if it turns in to a pushchair. If it does how big and useable would the pushchair be. If it ticks all the boxes, you need only buy one for the whole time your baby needs a pushchair. Another example is a cot bed instead of a cot. Many cot beds can be used from 6 months to 6 years or more.

2. Ask friends and family to club together to buy the big ticket items like prams, cribs, highchairs etc. Instead of each person buying an outfit or a toy they can all contribute towards something big and something they know you will definitely use.

3. Don’t believe everything you hear and read. No, you don’t need half the stuff people and magazines tell you that you do. Buy the basics before the baby arrives and then if you need something, most things are a mere click away these days, so you can easily order online when the time comes. You really don’t know what you’ll need as each mother and baby is different. So even if your new mum friend swears by a gadget, don’t just go out and buy it.

4. Look out for discount vouchers. Very often big shops like mothercare voucher codes and free delivery but only if you’ve got the discount code.

5. Always compare prices. If you’ve decided on a highchair or a pushchair, type the name in to Google and search. More often than not you’ll see varying prices for exactly the same item. So always compare prices. And don’t forget to checkout auction sites. There are always good deals to be had on them.

6. Shop the baby sales. Obvious I know but the trick is to shop ONLY at sales. So buy your current stuff plus stuff for the next year. And then do the same at next years sale too. And when you’re pregnant, try and do your big baby shop during a sale period as there’s bound to be one in the 9 months.

7. Check out the auction sites where there are often very good deals on second hand baby stuff. And because babies outgrow things so quickly, much of used baby stuff for sale is in very good condition.

8. Sell, sell sell. Don’t let all your used items, unwanted gifts, unworn clothes gather dust. Not only will they be taking up useful storage space but with a little time and effort you can turn them in to cash.

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